Sugar Book Review - Review by Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5

SugarBook is a networking platform that helps people build mutually beneficial relationships with society elites. According to its official site, this sugar daddy website portrays itself as ‘The Pinnacle Of Luxury Dating, where the elite people meet and build honest and transparent relationships.’ Being one of the most popular and legitimate online sugar dating sites, SugarBook defines a sugar baby as someone who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle in life and seeks companionship from older, rich men. A sugar daddy is depicted as a financially stable individual looking for attractive young women to pumper and spend his money on.

Unlike most sites, SugarBook understands the privacy of its members is of the utmost importance. So, the platform strives to connect sugar babies to wealthy benefactors through honesty and transparency for successful mutual beneficial relationships.

Member Structure

Sugar babies in SugarBook outnumber sugar daddies. Most of the women are in their early 20s to mid-30s, while men’s age ranges from mid-20s to early 50s.

Sugar babies constitute 65 percent of the website’s population, while sugar daddies take up the remaining 35 percent. So, being a sugar baby on this platform can be a bit challenging due to competition. But a sugar daddy can have a plethora of options to choose from. Most sugar babies are college students, and the website offers them a free sign up through the Student Program.

SugarBook Sign up Process

You need to create a profile to communicate and interact with other users in SugarBook. Your personal profile should include a username, your physical appearance, lifestyle and level of education, among other details.

You’ll also need to provide other personal information such as your age, real name, identification number, and an authentic photo to prove you’re what you say you are.

For your profile and photos to be officially registered, they need to go through an approval process for verification. This process usually takes from 1-24 hours to complete, but if the website is experiencing high traffic, the procedure might take up to 48 hours.

However, if you realize the process is taking longer than specified, confirm the details on your profile and ensure all sections are 100 percent complete. If you fail to fill out all parts while signing up, your account won’t proceed to the approval process.

SugarBook Features

Student Program

Collage sugar babies are given free premium accounts as long as they sign up with their university emails or provide proof of their enrolment. This program makes it easy for them to find sugar daddies of their dream.

24-hour Approval Process

SugarBook aims to prioritize members’ security and verification, especially for sugar daddies. This is to ensure the individuals behind the profiles are genuine and financially stable to pamper sugar babies.

Other Standard Members Features

  • • Free registration
  • • Profile creation
  • • Basic search and usage of filters
  • • Free but limited messaging to other members
  • • Add interesting members to favorites

Unique Features for Premium Members

  • • Sending unlimited messages to everyone you like
  • • Hide your online status and location
  • • With the help of unlocking read receipts, you’ll know when your messages are delivered as well as when they’re read.
  • • Learn who added you to your favorites
  • • See who viewed your profile
  • • Utilizing the advanced search feature to ensure you find the perfect and exact compatible match Usability

SugarBook has a phone app that’s available on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. This app is easy to use, and it allows you to maintain connections with your prospects while you’re on the go. You can sign up to SugarBook with the app or log in to your existing account. The app follows the same registration procedure as SugarBook’s official website.

SugarBook Costs

  • • One month – $49.95
  • • Three month – $42.95 each month (64% Savings)
  • • Six month – $35.95 each month (50% Savings)


  • • Available on Apple and Google Play Store
  • • It’s easy to navigate and intuitive
  • • The website has a sleek and minimalist design
  • • Has a mobile app that’s convenient for users on the go
  • • Have Chinese, English and Thai version


  • • You need to upgrade to a Gold membership to Send Texts
  • • No video chat available

Sugar Book Faqs

Sugar book is an online dating site that connects sugar babies to wealthy benefactors, Sugar book online dating platform was founded by Darren Chan.The platform runs on desktop and mobile to keep prospective partners connected.

How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

Approval of your profile, might take at least 24 hours and maximum of 48 hours to check if your profile is in accordance with our terms and conditions.

What do I stand to gain?

Ideal Relationships

Sugar book allows you to set the terms and conditions as you like, negotiate about what kind of relationship you want and what it should entail.

Fulfil your desires

Sugar book is one of the few people dating and Relationship sites that offers a wild experience in finding love, satisfying every of your desires, network and link up with people in your class, all to your advantage, your choice and your decisions.

No attachments whatsoever

No personal dramas with anyone, you step in and step out as you will without any limits, lack or loss.

Discreet Anonymity

You can remain invisible and have fun or be visible if you will, however this doesn’t stops you from engaging the right sugar daddies and mingling and blending with the people you need.

Who can join Sugar book?

Sugar book is for all and sundry , anyone can join, from anywhere, at any time, there are no fees to be paid, to be a member of Sugar book, all you need do is to download the application or join via the main site.

How do I join?

To be a member of Sugar book, all you need to do is to visit Google Play store and search for “Sugar book”, download and register.

How long does it take to be an approved member?

It takes no longer than a minute or two, after registration, a mail would be sent to you to confirm your registration and then log in.

Will I need to verify my personal data?

In the course of using Sugar book, one of the user policies include submission of personal information, this is to ensure the safety of every member and to help provide better services to the user based on the preferences of such user.

Some of the information to be requested would be personal phone number,photographs,email address and other preferences.

Why is my personal data being requested?

Personal data is used to help improve the quality of service, create a better customized user experience based on preferences, online activities as well as investigate and resolve disputes.

Is it compulsory to provide personal information?

Users are not mandated to give personal information, however you would not be able to access features or services that are reserved for other users who have submitted and verified their personal information.

How do I permanently delete my account?

You may edit your account or ask for deletion of your personal data by using the control panel but in the event of fraudulent accusations from other users, your personal data maybe used for investigation to resolve disputes.

How long does unsubscribing take?

On request to unsubscribe from Sugar book services, it may take up to 14 days to have your request processed and completed.

How can I have a verified Sugar book account?

To be a verified Sugar book member is different from having your account approved, to be a verified Sugar book user, you must have submitted proof of being over 18 years, you can either be on free or payment subscription.

You must have provided your personal data for verification and also adhere to the confidentiality that prohibits you from sharing your personal data on the platform with anyone.

How do I report suspicious activities?

Suspicious activities like phishing emails should be reported using “report phishing” feature within your email, if you are certain of the member responsible for it, you can send a mail directly to

Will a blocked members be able to view my account or profile?

Once a member has been blocked, they cease to be a member of Sugar book immediately.

How do I search for a member?

To locate a friend on Sugar book, simply type the name of the member into the search box.

How do I resolve my deactivated account?

To reactivate, all you need do is to log into the account and it would be reactivated.


SugarBook is an industry leader in the rich men dating sector. It’s a platform where members connect, meet and build successful, mutually beneficial relationships. The registration process is easy, and signing up a premium account is the most recommended option as you’ll get full access to the site.